The Greek Actor Who Shot to Fame in Uganda

More than 400,000 Greek citizens have fled their country to escape the grip of the economic crisis in the past decade. The vast majority...

The Greek Orthodox Church Celebrates a Century of Vital Work in Uganda

"We are Greeks because we got educated in Greece," says Jonah (Lwanga), the Metropolitan of Kampala and All Uganda, the spiritual leader of more...

KONY 2012: Greek Aid Worker Exposes the Other Half of the Ugandan Story

Greek Reporter's Fragkiska Megaloudi lived and worked in Uganda. Here she presents her side of the KONY 2012 story. "To all of us who have lived and worked in northern Uganda and who know a bit more than just the 30 minutes footage, this video tells a whole different story."

A Greek Priest in Uganda

Leaving Kampala’s chaotic streets and the usual bustle of cars and moto taxis, brick houses give way to thatched huts and then brambles. Dwarf...