Greek Community in Egypt Honors Historic Battle of El Alamein

Credit: Greek Community of Alexandria/

The Greek community in Egypt honored the 78th Anniversary of the Second Battle of El Alamein on Friday.

Following anti-virus guidelines, religious, cultural, and military leaders of both the Greek and Egyptian communities honored those who lost their lives during the momentous World War II battle. The event has drawn a larger audience in past years but was unfortunately limited this year, due to Covid-19.

Those in attendance laid wreaths for those who lost their lives in the battle of El-Alamein, and the national anthems of Greece and Egypt were played, in a moving memorial for the fallen soldiers.

Credit: Greek Community of Alexandria/

Many Greek soldiers, fighting for the Allies, found themselves barred from entering their home country after it was invaded by the Axis Powers in 1941. A large number of the soldiers were stationed in the Middle East and North Africa.

These soldiers then formed a battalion, along with with the Greek community in Egypt, in order to fight the Axis Powers.

The Greek soldiers were equipped with British weapons and placed under British command. and were given the title of the “Royal Hellenic Army in the Middle East.”

Hoping to prevent Axis forces from gaining ground in Egypt, the Allied forces fought them courageously at El Alamein, where there was a vital railway station.

The Allied forces, including the 1st Greek Brigade, made up of Greek soldiers from the “Royal Hellenic Army in the Middle East,” successfully halted the Axis invasion at what is now known as the Second Battle of El Alamein.

This victory was a turning point for the Allies in the region and boosted morale for the Allies around the world.

The 1st Greek Brigade suffered 89 fatalities and 228 wounded in the ferocious battle.