Greek Footballer Giannis Potouridis Signs Contract With Cape Town City

Greek football player Giannis Potouridis. Gredit: Cape Town City/Twitter

The football team of Cape Town City in South Africa announced on Monday that Greek footballer Giannis Potouridis has signed a contract with the team.

Potouridis, aged 27, is a defender and his previous team was Crete’s historic football club of OFI.

Potouridis was a regular in the Cretan squad for two consecutive football seasons but left before the end of the 2018/19 season.

“The left footed‚ 27-year-old is highly experienced and joins the Citizens to strengthen the defensive ranks‚” the South African club said in its statement announcing the signing.

Potouridis, who has played in 192 different football matches so far, began his professional career with the Olympiacos Piraeus squad in 2011.

The Cape Town City football club, to which Potouridis now belongs, was established in its current form just three years ago, in 2016; however, the club’s history dates back to the 1960s.