Turkey’s Erdogan Challenges NATO: ”Will You Support Your Ally or Terrorists?”

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenged NATO countries on Monday to show support for Turkey in its controversial decision to invade Northern Syria several days ago.

Erdogan, speaking with journalists before his Monday visit to Azerbaijan, wondered whether the countries belonging to the NATO alliance will get behind Turkey, or support what he called ”terrorists” instead.

”We are under threat, we are being attacked,” President Erdogan told reporters, in an attempt to justify his administration’s decision to open up a new war front in Syria.

Erdogan claimed that he had explained his country’s concerns to European leaders. Referring to NATO, he then added ”We are under attack by terrorists; will NATO members support their ally or the terrorists?”

Up until now, NATO as a body has refrained from making any remarks condemning Turkey’s decision to move its troops into northern Syria. However, individual NATO members, including all of its European member nations, have condemned Erdogan’s decision to violate the sovereignty of a neighboring state.

Earlier on Monday, Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias met with Geir Pedersen, the UN’s envoy for Syria, in Luxembourg.

The two officials discussed the latest developments on the Syrian front as well as Turkey’s continued pattern of provocations in Cyprus’ maritime zones.

It is noted that Greece has already officially condemned Turkey’s actions in Syria, siding with the EU’s position on the issue.