Greek Carrier Collides With Malaysian Vessel in Singapore (video)

The two vessels after the collision. Photo by iefimerida

A Greek container vessel collided with a Malaysian ship in the territorial waters of Singapore on Saturday, according to the Maritime Authorities of Singapore.

The Greek vessel dubbed ”Piraeus” (ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ) was sailing at the time of the incident, while the Malaysian ”Polaris” Marine Department vessel was detained by the authorities of Singapore.

”Polaris” had allegedly violated Singapore’s territorial waters and was detained by Singapore’s authorities last year.

The two countries have had strident disputes in the past over both their territorial waters and the airspace of the region, which often raises tensions in the area.

As Bloomberg reports, the ”Piraeus” was on its way from Singapore to its next destination when the collision took place at about 2:28 PM local time on Saturday (06:28 GMT).

According to the local authorities, there were no injuries caused by the incident.