Meet the Greek who Introduced Real Souvlaki to Colombians

Giorgos Sitaras, owner of Salonika

An unconventional find and delightful Mediterranean surprise awaits you in Bogotá, Colombia, and it is all thanks to a Giorgos Sitaras, a Greek who left his hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece, to share authentic Greek food with Colombians.

On September 15, 2017, Colombians were blessed with a Greek treat, as Giorgos opened the doors of his restaurant, Salonika.

Who would ever dream that as you walk the streets of Bogotá, Colombia’s sprawling capital, that you would encounter an authentic taste of Greece? That is exactly what you will find at Giorgos’ restaurant. Salonika offers locals the chance to experience fresh fast food with Greek and Mediterranean flair. Offering up a little piece of Greece in Bogotá, Giorgos took it upon himself to introduce the locals to what an authentic Souvlaki shop is all about, right down to serving up “real” gyros.

Patrons, both loyal and new, head out to Salonika for lunch, dinner and drinks. The locals are both curious and receptive of the Greek cuisine, even booking parties and gatherings at Salonika.

The restaurant has become a great success and a meeting point in the community. Customers rave about the service, food, and even boast about Salonika’s “salsa especial de la casa” (or, special sauce of the house), that they say compliments every dish.

If the food isn’t enough to transport you to Greece, the restaurant’s indoor-outdoor seating set-up reminds you of a Greek taverna in the summertime. And, the inviting decor…well, let’s just say that if the blue and white color scheme doesn’t remind you that you are in a Greek restaurant, the paintings of Greece on the wall certainly will!

More than anything, what Giorgos has managed to do is bring the hospitality and comfort food of Greece to Colombia, right down to the dessert — who can resist homemade baklava?

Next time you are in Bogotá, be sure to check out Salonika, and listen to his story in his words below: