IKEA Store in Japan Now Selling Greek Moussaka

photo by Junko Nagata – GreeceJapan.com

The citizens of the city of Misato, Japan now have the opportunity to enjoy Greek moussaka sold at the city’s IKEA store.

The Swedish chain has added moussaka to its array of foods next to the standard Swedish meatball and salmon dishes, both served in almost all IKEA stores worldwide.

Interestingly, the moussaka choice is the most expensive plate on the menu. The photo posted on social media shows the price at 699 Yen ($6,20).

Perhaps IKEA’s choice to serve a traditional Greek food at this store is not a coincidence, since Misato has been named “Hospitality City of Greece” for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in the Japanese Government’s “Host Town Initiative” program.