The School Year Has Started for 54 Greek Students in Egypt’s Alexandria

The school year has begun for 54 Greek students in Egypt’s Alexandria.

Pratsikeio Primary School and Averofeio High School are the remaining Greek Schools in a city that was established nearly 2,300 years ago by Alexander the Great.

The Greeks of Alexandria have never left, despite the harsh times and difficult historical periods.

Averofeio High School in Alexandria

Today, the Greek Community is much smaller than what it used to be 50 or 100 years ago, but it’s still there — reminding everyone that the bonds of Greece with Alexandria are deep.

The two Greek Schools of Alexandria have 20 teachers and 54 students. The sanctification for the beginning of the new school year was made by the Patriarch Commissioner in Alexandria, the Bishop of Accra (Ghana) Narcissus.

The ceremony was also attended by the General Consul of Greece in Alexandria, Mr Emmanuel Kakavelakis, the new Greek Coordinator of Education for Africa and the Middle East, Mr Anastasios Anastasiou, as well as parents and relatives of the students.