Archbishop Wants Athens to Support Struggling Greek Schools in Egypt

Archbishop Damianos of Sinai, Faran, and Raithu has sent a letter to Greece’s Education Minister Kostas Gavroglou asking him to protect Greek schools in Egypt that are in danger of shutting down.

In his letter, Archbishop Damianos, who, according to Egyptian law, is also the official director of the Abeteios Greek School in Cairo highlighted problems facing Greek schools in Egypt.

Specifically, very few Greek teachers have expressed an interest in going to Egypt to teach in Greek schools.

In his letter to Gavroglou, Damianos emphasized the importance of the operation of the Abeteios Greek School, which is the only secondary education institution that serves the Greek community in Cairo.

He asked that the competent department of the Greek Ministry of Education sends new teachers to cover the needs of the new school year.

The letter, also forwarded to Deputy Minister of Education Meropi Tzoufi, asks that the teachers from Greece are dispatched before Aug. 30, so that they can be in their posts on Sept. 1, when schools re-open.