Japanese Band Plays Greek Tsifteteli Song (video)

A Japanese band, called Pyramidos, has captured the attention of thousands of YouTube users with its take of a popular Greek tsifteteli song called “Vre Melahrinaki”.

The band from Tokyo describe themselves as a gypsy band playing Balkan, Roma, Arabic, Latin and Japanese folk and pop songs.

The “Vre Melahrinaki” version has had more than 120,000 views on YouTube in the three weeks since its release.

The Tsifteteli is a dance of Anatolia and the Balkans with a rhythmic pattern of 2/4.

In Turkish the word means “double stringed”, taken from the violin playing style that is practiced in this kind of music.

There are suggestions that the dance already existed in ancient Greece, known as the Aristophanic dance Cordax.

Nowadays it is to be found not only in Greece and Turkey, but also in the whole of the southeastern Mediterranean region.


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