Greek Yogurt Conquers India with Epigamia (video)

In India, the words ‘Greek yogurt’ are most often associated with Epigamia, the first Greek yogurt in India.

Manufactured and distributed by its parent brand Drums Food (also behind the delicious Hokey Pokey ice creams) Epigamia is selling 2.5 million products a month in India.

A delicious, 100% vegetarian source of calcium and protein, Epigamia was launched in June 2015.

In a recent interview Rohan Mirchandani, the Co-Founder (and Chief Dreamer) at Drums Food spoke about his first encounter with Greek yogurt.

“I was standing in line at a deli in the Lower East Side of New York, waiting to order a pastrami sandwich when I saw that they were selling Greek yogurt.

Though I had heard of Greek yogurt before, it was unusual to come across it at the time and I was intrigued. I decided to swap out my usual chips that day to try it out as a healthier option.”

Mirchandani says that “due to the traditional Greek straining process, Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamier texture than regular dahi [the Indian equivalent] and is low in fat and calories, but much higher in protein.”

Epigamia, Ancient Greece and India

In ancient Greece epigamia regulated the right of intermarrying into another city-state. It was also a way of formalizing the relationship between different nations.

In 303 BCE, Seleucus I, a general under Alexander the Great, led an army in India, where he encountered Chandragupta.

The confrontation ended with a peace treaty, and “an intermarriage agreement” (epigamia), meaning either a dynastic marriage or a more general agreement for intermarriage between Indians and Greeks.

(Source: CNBC)


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