Greek Shipping Seminar Held in Singapore

On the 18th September, the Hellenic Business Network Association, (HBNA) Singapore, organized a briefing seminar titled ‘Greeks In Shipping: Perspectives and Opportunities in Asia’.

Bringing together business leaders from the shipping industry in Singapore and Greece, the forum highlighted the strengths Greek shipping has that Asian maritime nations can potentially emulate. In addition, the discussion emphasized on the developments in Singapore and Asia.

Keynote speaker, Ms Tan Beng Tee, Assistant Chief Executive (Development) at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) shared about initiatives such as the Next Generation Port 2030, International Maritime Centre (IMC) 2030 Strategic Review and Industry Transformation Map for Sea Transport to support the long term development of Maritime Singapore.

Ms Tan said, ‘To reinforce our position as a premier global hub port and leading IMC, it is important for Maritime Singapore to stay adaptive and nimble amidst emerging trends and changes to the global environment which are impacting the maritime industry’.

She further added that ‘MPA endeavours to create a vibrant and diverse maritime ecosystem and marketplace so that Singapore is the preferred choice for companies when they decide to have a base in Asia.

Mr Andreas Goros, Greece’s Honorary Consul General to Singapore, praised the excellent diplomatic ties between the two nations and their close cooperation within the International Maritime Organisation and highlighted the important presence of Greek shipping in Singapore.

Greece has for yet another year topped the ranks of the Top 10 Ship Owning Nations in 2017 with a combined fleet value of USD$84.08 billion (VesselsValue, 2017), surpassing Japan (2nd), China (3rd) and Singapore (4th).

Mr Yiannis Korkovelos, President of HBNA, said ‘Despite the current challenging economic situation in Greece, shipping remains a pillar of the Greek economy and has consistency contributed in more than one ways while at the same time raising the profile of Greece internationally.’

A small country by size and population, having experienced wars and disasters, Greece is winning the battle of the global seaborne trade, operating the biggest fleet in the world.

The Hellenic Business Networking Association (HBNA) of Singapore is a non-profit and independent platform that connects and promotes the interests of its members, which consist of companies or individuals with interests in Greece.


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