The Resurrection of the Lord Orthodox Cathedral Church Celebrates a New Cathedral in Lagos, Nigeria

On Sunday, the Resurrection of the Lord Orthodox Cathedral Church opened a new cathedral in Lagos, Nigeria. The Church held a service by the Archbishop of Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria, Alexander Gianniris, to commemorate the event.

Gianniris’ gave a service which was titled, “The solemn opening and first Divine Liturgy of the New Cathedral Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Lagos.” Following his service, Gianniris told The Guardian that he was “Grateful to God and those who contributed to make the project a reality. It is a sanctuary and the heartbeat of the Orthodox Church in Nigeria, Benin and Togo.”

“The first church was built in this place in 1966 for the needs of the Greek community and from there mission work started in the country gradually. From there too, the old building was demolished because of the damages from the rising horizon of the lagoon and the waters. Finally, by the Grace of God, we have this one today,” he added.


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