Brazilian Government Holds Funeral Honoring Murdered Greek Ambassador Kyriakos Amiridis

On Tuesday the Brazilian government held a funeral for the murdered Greek Ambassador to Brazil, Kyriakos Amiridis. The funeral was attended by the Deputy Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho and was located at the Geleao Air Force Base in Rio. The service for Ambassador Amiridis included giving him full military honors.

The ambassador went missing in December while on vacation in Rio. His body was found in a burnt car under a bridge in Novo Iguacu on December 29.

So far the investigation into Amiridis’ death has pointed towards his wife and her lover — a policeman — as the main suspects. His wife Francoise Amiridis has been arrested along with her alleged lover and his cousin pending further charges being brought in the case.


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