How Tai Chi Changed One Greek Woman’s Life [Photos]

Back in 2014 Greek Roza Maragopoulou left her home in Athens to study tai chi in its birthplace — Chenjiagou, in China‘s Henan province.

For Roza her practice of tai chi is a necessity as much as something that she enjoys and helps keep her in shape. As a child she was often sick and in pain. She tried other physical outlets such as practicing yoga, karate and dance, but they just don’t make the cut. When she came across tai chi, however, she knew that she had found her passion.

Since she started tai chi in 2010 while she was studying for her PhD in the U.K, Roza says that she has felt more comfortable and life has become more beautiful, according to

Now after six years of practicing, Roza wants to enrich the lives of Greeks in Athens by teaching tai chi.

She started her own training class in 2015 in Athens and says that she has “benefited a lot from tai chi,” adding that she wishes to “teach more people to practice it…and help more people benefit from the exercise.”