A Town Called Salamina in the Mountains of Colombia

salamina-9A town named Salamina is to be found in the mountains of Colombia, having taken its name from the sea battle of Salamina in 480 BC.

Salamina is located in the Caldas area at an altitude of 1800m in the Andes mountain range. It was established about 185 years ago and now has approximately 15,000 residents.

The town boasts a prolific number of poets, musicians and artists, and has earned the nickname “city of light.”  It is also belongs to the network of Patrionial Pueblos of Colombia.

What is equally impressive though is the history of the city and how it got its name. Here is what the town website says, translated from Spanish:

“According to a decree issued by General Santander, the site called Sabanalarga and in the year 1827 was transferred to the site that currently occupies and is called Encinadas. In the decree of foundation, General Santander asked to be given the name of Salamina in memory of Salamina Island of the great Greece where General Themistocles at the head of the Athenian army fought in the year 480 BC a battle against Persian sailors commanded by King Xerxes.”


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