Beautiful ‘Aegean’ Concert Celebrates Greek-Chinese Cultures in Chengdu [photos]

Jinsha TheatreOn November 11, on what has been dubbed as “Single’s Day” in China, where people seek out their “Mr/Ms Right,” a concert took place at the Jinsha Theatre in Chengdu setting the mood for romantic encounters.

The ancient Chinese city in the western region of the country hosts the Jinsha Theatre, which is located inside of one of the most important museums in Chengdu. The historical location of the museum is where the earliest settlements of the locals were, and represents to the Chinese much of the same importance as the Acropolis to Greeks and the city of Athens.

The concert titled Aegean is coordinated under the music label of Meet Culture, which focuses events on culture exchange between China and Greece.

Jinsha Theatre

Aegean showcased Chinese and Greek musicians, while Chinese audiences were dazzled by the “Oson Zeis,” the earliest recorded song in the world and found in Greece.

The concert series has traveled to China from Greece and Meet Culture’s Music has produced an album by the same title, Aegean, which has seen much success.

Meet Culture focuses their efforts of promoting cultural exchanges between China and Greece not only through music, but also via publishing, concerts, projects and providing tailor-made tourism services catering specifically to Chinese tourists visiting Greece.

Jinsha Theatre Jinsha Theatre Jinsha Theatre Jinsha Theatre Jinsha Theatre