The Greek War Heroes of Argentinean Independence



A memorial hanging outside the Buenos Aires Naval Academy in Argentina features Hydra mariner Nikolaos G. Kolmaniatis (Nicolas Jorge Colmaniatis), who emigrated to Argentina in 1811, enlisted in the navy as a sailor, and rose through the ranks to become Rear Admiral.


He is honored as a national hero in Argentina where he fought for Argentinean War of Independence against Spain. He led and trained the newly formed fleet. Samuel Spiro, a fellow navy officer is also honored in Argentina for scuttling his ship in the Uruguay River rather than surrendering it to the Spanish Armada.

Both Kolmaniatis and Spiro were honored with their names figuring on Argentine Navy ships christened after them in 1937.

Argentinean naval tradition is accessible to Greeks these days through the visit of training vessel, the frigate Libertad (Freedom) that is docked at the port of Piraeus until Tuesday as a sign of friendship between the two maritime vessels. The vessel is in Greece as part of its 45th instruction cruise, dubbed the “Bicentennial Voyage,” marking 200 years since the birth of the Republic of Argentina. Members of the public may arrange to visit the vessel between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.. Email [email protected] to arrange a visit.


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