Greek Music Travels to China with Greek Mezzo-soprano Alexandra Gravas

alexandra gravas 3Greek music is traveling to China via the internationally successful mezzo-soprano, Alexandra Gravas, and the musical montage, Greek Inspirations from July 3 to 6.

Greek Inspirations has already seen much success as it tours the international scene, so it is no surprise that China wanted in on the action.

The invitation came from the National Theater of Siamen (Xiamen) in the region Gulangyu, which is also known as “the piano island.”

In recent years, Alexandra Gravas has promoted Greek music abroad along side a spectacular line-up of talent.

The Greek mezzo-soprano, born in Germany grew up in two very distinct cultures. Gravas studied musicology, philosophy and German literature at the University of Frankfurt, voice with the London-based Loh Siew Tuan and the Hungarian teacher Dame Vera Rosza.

Since 2015 Greek Inspirations has traveled to Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Brussels and now, China.

Other notable performers participating are Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis, Yannis Constantinides and Costas Giannidis. Gravas has included international music in the program however, the emphasis will be on Greek music.