Singapore Gladiators Steal the Bride Dressed as Spartans


Personal trainer Zachary Lee and his groomsmen dressed as Spartans in Singapore on the morning of their wedding day. The gladiators went to bride’s home to take part in a tradition known as gatecrashing. During the 30-minute gatecrash the groom and his men performed challenges such as creating a human pyramid and dancing to pop tunes such as Britney Spears’ toxic while the young bride looked on.

Commuters were impressed by the young groom’s sexy abs that come as no surprise bearing in mind that he is a personal trainer, the rest of his entourage, however, was made up of marketing executives, undergraduates and only one other personal trainer and navy officer among them.

A photo on social media was enough to send Lee’s story on a spiral viral with thousands of shares and likes as well as memes.


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