Greek Culture Brings in Visitors from Top Chinese Universities

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The Greek culture and language will be taught in Guangdong University of China, one of the best Chinese Universities with global distinction.

Through its Philosophy Department, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) is opening its doors with Guangdong University. In the beginning of June, representatives of Guangdong University visited Greece and EKPA. During a meeting on June 2, the representatives of Guandong University along with its vice-chairman Liu Haichun, agreed with a committee of professors from the Department of Philosophy of EKPA and the dean Eleni Karamalegou, that the two universities will support each other and especially the newly founded department of Greek Language and Culture at Guandong University.

Students from China will have the opportunity to study for one of the four years of their bachelors degree in the Philosophy Department of EKPA. In addition, professors with specialization in teaching Greek as a foreign language will consist of the newly founded department, while professors from the departments of Literature, History and Archaeology, Theater and Music, will assist in the teaching of Greek literature, history and culture.

On June 3, during the meeting between the representatives of the Chinese university and EKPA’s chancellor Thanos Dimopoulos, the collaboration was validated, while the possibilities of further exchange between the two universities was also discussed.


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