Greek Theater Group Wins First Prize at the International ‘Short+Sweet Festival’ in Dubai

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Thespis Greek Theater, an amateur non-profit theatrical group consisting of Greeks living and working in Dubai, won the first prize of the people’s choice at the finals of the Short+Sweet Festival 2016 in Dubai on Friday March 3.

Thespis Greek Theater, took part in the finals of the Short+Sweet Festival 2016 on March 3, with the play Greek Civil (Out of) Service. The topic of the play talks about the public sector and the challenges of the people who deal with it. The play, written and directed by Constance Kratsa, was in Greek.

Theater and comedy, allow us to exaggerate and to present a “caricature” of reality, so that people can be entertained. I wanted to write about a topic that would be comprehensible by everyone, without having to know and understand the language,” says Kratsa. “The theatrical play “Greek Civil (Out of) Service deals with the comic/tragic situation in the Greek public sector and the “adventure” of the people who deal with it. Of course, this “hardship” is not only found in Greece, but in many Arab countries and many more. Therefore, the play had such a big impact to the audience, so they (the audience) gave us the first prize,” Kratsa explains.

The play was presented in front of 450 people, and the audience chose the Greek play as its first choice despite the language barrier. “Short+Sweet” is the largest festival of short plays in the world and it is present in more than 30 cities around the world, where all plays are strictly 10 minutes.


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