Greek Goods and Services Enter World’s Biggest Shopping Center

World Commerce Valley - YANJIAO International Trade City

The soon to be biggest shopping center in the world “World Commerce Valley – YANJIAO International Trade City,” that is currently under construction, is preparing spaces that will host Greek merchandise and services. Greece and Cyprus will be among the first countries that will be “sold” in Yanjiao, along with Belgium, Canada and South Korea.

The company responsible for striking the exclusive deal with the shopping center which represents Greece and Cyprus, is Kaperonis Group.

Chairperson of the Kaperonis BFG A.E., Nicoletta Kaperoni, highlighted that “the road opens for safe export of Greek goods and services in China.”

Regarding the shopping center, Kaperoni mentioned that the spaces will include a permanent exhibition, an online sales platform and other services. For Greece’s representation, the space is designed by Greek architects, it covers 10,000 square feet and aims to become “a benchmark for China.”


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