Men Dressed as Spartan Warriors Detained in Beijing

spartan-warriorsPolice in Beijing, China, detained two foreigners dressed as Spartan warriors who were roaming the city streets as part of a publicity campaign for a salad company. Beijing Youth Daily published a photograph showing police officers restraining the two men in downtown Beijing.

The men were detained for “disrupting public order” after ignoring several requests to stop roaming the streets. Promotional campaign in public areas has not been approved by authorities, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

Large crowds were attracted to the marching group of Spartan warriors, dressed in leather shorts and capes. Numerous people took photos, making the campaign go viral in China.

The salad company, Sweetie Salad, issued an official statement, apologizing for the disruption caused in Beijing. “After yesterday’s incident, we have come to realize that we lack experience in coordinating major events as a startup company,” the statement read. “We have dispelled all misunderstandings with the police.”


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