Ancient Greek Comedy by Tokyo University Students

epitrepontes-tokyo-2015The ancient theater club at Tokyo University has organized the production of “Epitrepontes” an ancient Greek comedy by Menander which will be presented for the second year in Tokyo, Japan on March 25 and 26.

The play will take place in the ancient Greek language, even though the students (the director and the actors) didn’t even know how to pronounce the Greek alphabet before taking on the project. The students also received helpful assistance by Professor Yasunori Kasai, as well as other professors in the department of Contemporary Literature and Greek and Latin Studies.

The Ancient Theatre Club was created in May 2014 by students at the Department of Classical Studies. The University of Tokyo is the best Japanese university and one of the best worldwide. The University’s Greek tragedy Club which was founded in the 1950s and has featured members who went on to become important figures in the field of ancient Greek studies in Japan, such as Professor Shigeichi Kure (1897-1977) and professor of ancient Greek literature Masaaki Kubo.

The play is directed by Takuro Okamoto and it stars Kazuhiro Umemura, Yuya Koshihisa and Akihito Kawashima. It will be presented at Higashi Matsubara Broaderhouse on Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 26, 2015 (at 2pm and 7pm).


  1. An admirable aspect of Japanese people is they adopt good parts of other cultures.. they are not afraid to dump the bad parts of their own culture… while simultaneously keeping the good parts of Japanese culture and keeping their country Japanese (you can bet most Japanese are against illegal immigration… just as ancient Greeks were). This is rational way for a nation to both survive and improve. Otherwise the people in the nation are simply committing national suicide for the sake of new people taking over.

    With Greece these days… we adopt the worse aspects of imported left and right ideology by voting for fascists and communists. Rather than produce technology like the Japanese or even ancient Greeks, we depend on artifacts and the sun to bring in cheap tourist dollars. And rather than condemn illegals to defend our borders like Japanse or even ancient Greeks would have done… we call them “immigrants”! Rather than be net givers and producers.. we are national of vultures.

    It pains me to say this but ancient Hellenes would be disgusted by most Greeks today — especially leftist ones. They may use the name Greek to describe themselves but they don’t actually care about Hellenism. They’re like the Skopians. Posers. Had such “Greeks” cared about Hellenism they would behave like Greeks.


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