Greece Condemns Destruction of Cultural Artifacts in Iraq by ISIS

Cultural Artefacts by ISIS in IraqGreece expressed its abhorrence of the destruction of antiquities in Mosul’s Museum and Public Library in Iraq by ISIS.

“We express our abhorrence of the base and barbaric destruction of the ancient and cultural treasures of inestimable historical value in Iraq by ISIS,” a Greek Foreign Ministry announcement said on Friday, following recent news footage showing the destruction of priceless artifacts in Mosul’s Museum.

“Greece, as a cradle of civilization, supports every effort on the part of UNESCO to raise the awareness of the international community with the aim of protecting cultural treasures in the Middle East and ending the barbaric and obscurantist conduct of the ISIS terrorist organization,” the announcement added.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Same thing the Taliban used to do. Typical Islamofascist behavior. Obviously not everyone Muslim approves of Islamic extremists nor are all Christian, Jews, Hindi, and people of other faiths saints but Islam is definitely the current reigning champ when it comes to producing extremists.

    Religious extremists pretty much operate the same regardless religion. Although Christians today are far more moderate in the early days fundamentalist Christians were the ones the closed the Academy in Athens, ended the Olympics, and destroyed countless pagan works they felt conflicted with official religious doctrine (why we call it the “dark ages”).

    It wasn’t Greek ones (Latin Romans) but the cultural destruction and oppression was so extreme they were largely successful at deleting a large chunk of Greek cultural memory. (precisely why Greeks became Christians else we’d probably still be praying to Zeus). We had to reconstruct Europe’s past in the modern era using bits and pieces from different regions and sources because of the enormous reporting distortions and destruction of artifacts that occurred during early middle ages.

    What’s darkly amusing about these Islamofascist crazies that try to force everyone into their religion… at some point their own ancestors strongly opposed Islam. Just like early Christians Mohammed spread Islam through brutal force,

    In an ideal word we would capture all the Islamofascist savages with nets, put them in a rehabilitation center, and let them free once rehabilitated. Unfortunately we don’t have the technology to do that yet. They only rational response at the moment is kill most of them while trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

    The only long term solution to religious extremism in general, global agreements that force every country to separate church and state in clearly defined ways. Religious freedom must be respected but theocracy should no longer be tolerated.


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