Libyan Government Takes Refuge in Greek Ship

elyros-ferryGreek ferry boat “Elyros” has been sent to Libya to serve as a shelter for the Libyan government, which was forced to leave the country due to the civil war.

After Tripoli and Benghazi were seized by Islamists, the Parliament members fled. They are now living in the 17,000-ton Greek ship, which used to travel from Patras to Italy.

The ferry is located in the eastern town of Tobruk, which is still free of Islamists. Meanwhile, the town of Derna has been declared an Islamist caliphate.

A conference hall in the port of Tobruk is used as a chamber to the house of representatives, while the Greek ship is mostly used as a floating hotel.

“We had only three days to prepare everything in Tobruk, to find spaces for meetings, places to stay, internet, everything,” said Dr Muftah Othman, head of the town’s election commission, to the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’. “If there is no ship, where will you stay?”

The members of the Libyan government have moved into Elyros along with their families, therefore, there are many people walking through the corridors, to the restaurants or bars, and children playing.

“It is unusual, yes. The Libyans are very polite. We are here one week, maybe we stay months, we don’t know,” a crew member stated to the Guardian.


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