Fear for Greeks Living in Iraq

iraq_greeksThe recent developments in Iraq — where a large part of the country is being destroyed by jihadists — have caused concern in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in regards to the Greeks living in the country.

The Ministry released an announcement, recommending that Greeks who are planning to travel to Iraq should avoid visiting the northern part of the country, as well as all areas where clashes take place.

At the same time, Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos has ordered the Embassy of Greece in Baghdad to be in constant communication with the Greeks currently in the country, while strict security measures have been put in place.

The Foreign Ministry is advising the Greeks who are already in Iraq to remain in constant contact with the Greek Embassy in Baghdad (tel. 00964 – 7903642046, 7801372165, 7722609949) and the Central Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (tel.210-368-1350 / 1730, e-mail: [email protected]).

As reported, approximately 50 Greeks are trapped in the city of Arbil, capital of the semiautonomous region of Kurdistan. They fear for their lives but cannot flee the area as they have no passports and travel documents require several bureaucratic procedures. They could flee through the city of Mosul or through the mountains but this is practically impossible as these areas are controlled by the jihadists.


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