The Restaurant That Charms Arabs to ‘Eat Greek’

eat greekIn most major cities in the world, Greeks open restaurants and introduce the traditional cuisine of Greece to more and more people. In distant Dubai, the restaurant Eat Greek is the ambassador of Greek cuisine in the Middle east.

Greek chef Vlassia Anagnostou is running a restaurant with the aim to initiate Arabs to the secrets of some delicious dishes.

A praising article in the proves the huge success of the Greek restaurant. The warm environment of the place helps customers relax and enjoy their food. Anagnostou creates delicious dishes that combine traditional ingredients, creativity and innovation.

The article claims that the chef is cooking from the heart using ingredients and products such as feta cheese, olive oil and herbs that come straight from Greece.

Anagnostou says that she wants her customers to feel like home and get to know the famous Greek hospitality. She says that the dishes are light and that she uses a variety of Greek herbs to add a unique flavor.

Eat Greek offers all the traditional dishes such as gyros sandwiches, tzatziki and Greek salad. It keeps pace with the tradition of Greece but it also experiments with new flavors.

“We have to grab the challenge to present things a little bit different, to keep something from the past but to give it a modern style,” says Anagnostou.



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