More Chinese Tourists to Visit Greece This Summer


It seems like Greece is attracting more and more Chinese tourists. Sun Yanan, officer at the visa issuing organization in Beijing, China stated that about 40,000 Chinese tourists applied for a visa in 2013. The total number of tourists travelling to Greece this year is expected to reach 100,000; 20,000 more compared to the previous year.

The economic and commercial counselor’s officer of the Chinese Embassy in Greece noted that a further increase of Chinese tourists is expected when direct flights between the two countries are launched.  Greece’s interest in attracting tourists from China is well-known and given the fact that China and Greece have improved their commercial and investment ties, tourism is the next sector in which the two countries are aiming at.

Chinese people who traditionally chose Southeast Asia for their holidays, are seeking alternative destinations after being discouraged by the Malaysia Airline incident.

Greece has been recently attracting young Chinese couples who want to spend their honeymoon or even get married in one of its beautiful  Greek islands which offer breathtaking views, such as the popular Cycladic  island of  Santorini of the port of Chania in Crete, have become  top wedding destinations.



  1. During the past 10 years, we have lost millions on tourists from China because some corrupt civil servants in the Greek Embassy in Beijing in the Visa Section where providing Visas for 5000USD to some Chinese who did not meet the required criteria…Some civil servants in the Visa section accumulated huge sums of illegal cash from this practice with the knowledge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece without any actions been taken against these corrupt other then sending them back to Greece as a form of punishment…During the past years Greece has lost millions if not billions of revenue from tourism alone…China has 100 millions or more would be tourists wishing to visit Greece but still the Greek Embassy is not able to facilitate the procedure required to obtain Visa while other European Embassies do provide Visas for their country without bribes…When the Greek authorities will address this issue???


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