Desecration of the Greek Orthodox Chapel of St Sion in Israel


Religious vandalism has been on the rise during the last few years, perpetrated mainly by Muslim and Jewish adolescents.  Their aim is to vandalize monuments, temples, holy sites, as well as cemeteries of other religious communities.

On June 13 new vandalisms were reported at the Greek Orthodox Chapel of Saint Sion in Israel.

The Israeli Police informed the Dragoman’s Office of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem about vandalisms that had taken place at the chapel of the Holy Spirit on Saint Sion by extreme fanatic activists from the area around David’s Tomb.

The activists broke into the heavy iron gate of the chapel and desecrated it by throwing garbage at the holy Alter in the Eastern niche.

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem has always been encouraging appeasement, conciliation and a peaceful inter-religious coexistence.  However, when it comes to desecration of religion, it protests over acts of vandalism of holy sites.   The Patriarchate has also expressed its appreciation to the Israeli Police for their help and support.