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Greek Theater Fundraises for Homeless

Greek Theater Fundraises for HomelessSix Greek amateur actors from Dubai supported by the Thespis Greek Theatre Group organized on Saturday night the first all-Greek production and humanitarian event at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates. The group, named after Thespis, the first actor in the world, is composed of volunteer actors based in the United Arab Emirates.

Some 500 Greeks from across the UAE attended the performance. The group presented the play “Babades with Chantilly by acclaimed Greek screenwriters M. Reppas and Th. Papathanassiou.

‘”We chose this play as it’s a good way to talk about materialism in the ’80s and how it resembles to what is happening in societies at present,” said Maria Karra, founder of Emfasis Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Greeks living overseas, and co-organizer of the event.

The fundraising event brought about Dh100,000 which will be used to help homeless people in Greece. “We (Greeks) created theater so it’s part of our heritage; it’s part of who we are. We wanted to use it as our main tool to be able to give back to our country, to help our fellowmen,” Constance Kratsa, director of the play, told “Gulf News.”

Dionyssios Zois, the Greek Ambassador to the UAE, expressed his admiration for the actors’ professionalism, despite the fact that they are amateurs and congratulated them for devoting their personal time to prepare the play.



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