Israel: Radio Show Dedicated to Greece

Eros_GiaronEvery Friday at 4 pm, 700,000-800,000 Israelis listen to the radio show Yaron Enosh, “Voice of Israel” which has been on air for 20 years.

His show is one of the most popular in Israel and is almost entirely dedicated to Greece, the Greek culture, music, philosophy and history.

The Israeli journalist and radio show host spoke of his love for Greece and the interest that other Israelis have for Greek culture during his visit to Thessaloniki on the occasion of the 11th International Book Fair, where
Israel was honored.

According to Enosh, it all started 25 years ago when he read a book by British naturalist and botanist Gerard Durrell, where he described his childhood on the Greek island, Corfu.

Astonished by the descriptions he decided to take his family and move to Corfu immediately after finishing the book. “This was the first time I came to Greece and in fact did not come to see the Greek island; I came to see the nature. However, I got to know people, to hear their voices and music and fell in love,” he said.

Israelis love Greek music. They mostly know of singers such as Dalaras, Alexiou, Protopsalti, Arvanitaki, Galani, Arleta, Spanoudakis, Papaconstantinou and the of course Hatzigiannis who represents the younger generation of singers.

Finally, Enosh mentioned that more than 700 Greek songs have been covered by Israeli artists in Hebrew and they are popular without the public knowing that their origin is Greek. Meanwhile, 12 internet radio stations broadcast Greek music exclusively and most of the producers and owners don’t come from Greece.


  1. I hope the Israelis realise that the minority voters of Golden Dawn generally are not voting because of Anti Semitism but more because they are sick of the two corrupt parties(ND & pasok) and have been left no real other choices …

  2. “The Israeli journalist and radio show host spoke of his love for Greece”

    The journalist seems kind and sincere but unfortunately some Jews are anti-Greek these days. They pretend, like nearly everyone else that called Skopjians “Macedonians”, like they don’t notice Skopje’s sudden change into founders of the Hellenistic period and irredentism against Greece.

    This observation is actually one of the reasons why Golden Dawn grew in Greece. Even some of Skopje’s key foreign lobbyists over the years were Jews (e.g. George Soros, Daniel Server, Sam Vaknin), US synagogues were hosting the Skopian propaganda film “Name is just a name” a few years ago. Its also no secret Jewish people have tremendous influence in the mass media… and that same media has been dead silent about Skopian’s attempts to usurp our identity and irredentism. (or downplays it).

    Our leftists notice the antisemetism by Golden Dawn but are such cowards that can’t condemn the antihellenism by some Jews (not all).

    Nevertheless antihellenism does not justify antisemitism. We shouldn’t demonize all Jews just because some of them seem to be trying to exterminate Greeks. It’s not like only some Jews behave this way over Skopje issue (many of our alleged EU allies also behave this way) We should just work with people that aren’t antiGreek. Maybe one day with enough effort between friendly Greeks and Jews we can built a genuine and lasting friendship with Israel.

  3. They certainly made mistaks, but both ND and Pasok today are far far more desirable, competent, and honest. than the shameless Marxist fanatics of Syriza


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