Japanese Giant Helps Santorini Wine Expand to Asian Market

wineGreek winery Tsantali has expanded into the Asian market in a deal with Japanese food and beverage giant Suntory. The first orders of Tsantalis’ wine have already been delivered to Japan.

According to Periclis Drakos, Tsantali’s export director, “Suntory’s interest shows that the Greek wine industry can gain the position it deserves in the international market, when following a strategy and a business plan. Our agreement with Santo Wines had this purpose from the beginning – the effective capitalization of ‘Santorini’ as a strong and internationally recognizable wine brand.”

“Given the undoubted quality and value of the wine, we invested in the creation of a new image and a targeted, modern marketing strategy. Two years later, after fruitful cooperation with Santo Wines, we now have in our hands a robust contract that puts us on an equal footing with global giants such as Suntory,” Drakos said.

Suntory Group comprises 228 companies and 34,129 employees, and recently acquired the American bourbon Jim Beam brand for 16 billion dollars.

In Asia, Santorini is one of the most recognizable wine brands and one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists of high purchasing power.

Each year, around 300,000 tourists visit Santo Wines, which uses modern infrastructure to produce 60% of Santorini’s wine output, and which is in high demand as a venue for events such as weddings and conferences.