First Greek Event For Luxury Tourism

Luxury Tourism in GreeceThe first Greek Deluxe Travel Roadshow will take place on March 12 in Dubai and April 2 in Almaty. This is the first event organized by Greece in order to enhance luxury tourism.

The Roadshow’s first stop in Dubai is sponsored by Emirates Airlines, which in collaboration with Emirates Holidays, has undertaken the task of inviting the largest tour operators in the area. During its second stop in Almaty, the Greek Deluxe Travel will recommend selected Greek luxury tourism destinations to local tourism businesses for outbound tourism and the media.

Business to business meetings have been organized between all the participating Greek tourism businesses and local tour operators and travel agencies. Four Greek municipalities and dozens of Greek hotels have already signed on to the first ever Greek Deluxe Travel Roadshow.

The Roadshow aims to strengthen the flow of high income tourists from the promising markets of the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan in Greece and to create new efficient partnerships for Greek tourism enterprises.


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