Egypt: Greek Music Museum in Alexandria


On the initiative of the Greek Community in Alexandria and of the vice president Nikos Kopelos, a Museum of Greek Music is expected to be created in Alexandria of Egypt.

The Museum will have the name Christos Neamonitis, in honor of the great teacher and musician, who had been taking the students of the Averoff high-school into the magic world of music for forty years.

The Greek Community’s new “jewel” is expected to open within a few weeks and will be housed in two rooms. There, pieces of Neamoniti collection, old music instruments and a complete music library of scores will be exhibited.

The goal of the new Museum is to highlight the Greek community’s offer to this important cultural sector. In addition, this initiative aims to offer incentives for young people to get involved with music – especially Byzantine music.  The Greek Community in Alexandria is considering the possibility of organizing lessons in byzantine music as one of these initiatives.


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