Egypt: Greek Presence at Luxor Film Festival

Luxor Film FestivalThe second edition of the Egyptian and European Film Festival in Luxor finished after presenting the public with 62 movies from a total of 19 countries. The festival lasted from January 19 to January 25.

The award-winning films among others were “Withereing” (2013) by the young Serbian filmmaker Milos Pusic, “The Enemy Within” (2013) by Yorgos Tsemberopoulos from Greece and “Flower” (2013) by Nana Ekvtimishvilli from Georgia.

In the short film category, Egypt won with Sara Rozik (“The Left Shoe,” 2013) and Germany with Erik Schmitt (“Rhino Full Throttle,” 2013).

During the award ceremony the presenter and Greek actress Katerina Didaskalou stated that the festival was a dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean and between Egyptians and Egyptian and European filmmakers. “The two shores are very similar and share the same feelings and values; love, beauty, freedom, happiness and hope,” added Didaskalou, who was also one of the seven jurors.

The President of the festival Magda Wassef admitted that the participation of young people and women increased from the first edition.

Organizers however, said that they couldn’t ignore the violent acts happening in the rest of Egypt. Despite other cities, in Luxor, no violent incidents were stated on January 25, when people partook in a street celebration for the 3rd anniversary of the revolution against autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The world of culture instead, chose to communicate a message of hope and support to the Egyptian people, the armed forces and General Al Sisi and condemn all forms of terrorism. “Egypt will make it, as it did in the past. The true victory is the one against terrorism,” organizers stated.


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