Islamists Stab Chief of Greek Levant Party, Rodrigue “Dimitris” Khoury

KhourAccording to the website, Islamists stabbed the chief of the Greek Levant Party, Rodrigue “Dimitris” Khoury. The site “Libanon Files” reported that it was very likely he was attacked by some masked Salafists while he was in the northern part of the city of Tripoli with some of his friends.  The masked men beat him and stabbed him in the neck. The health condition of Khoury remains unknown, however there are some people from his intimate circle that claim he is alive.

The attack against the chief of the Greek Levant Party was realized a few days after a member of his party demonstrated outside the Turkish embassy in Beirut. The demonstrators demanded the release of the 12 Greek Orthodox nuns that were kidnapped by Syrian rebels in the Syrian Christian town of Maalula and the release of the Syrian Archbishops, Paul and Yohanna, that have been missing for months.

The president of the Greek Levant Party made this gesture as he believes that Turkey has significant influence over the Syrian rebels and in particular, those who have kidnapped the archbishops and the nuns.


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