Pirates Abduct Greek Engineer of Cargo Ship

piratesA Greek-owned cargo vessel was attacked on Tuesday, by a dozen armed men while sailing between Nigeria and Guinea.

The pirates have abducted 2 of the crew members of Marshall Islands-flagged Althea. As reported by the Greek Shipping Ministry, the two persons kidnapped are the Greek chief engineer of the ship and the Ukranian captain.

According to the Shipping Ministry, there were 18 crew members on board. The rest of the crew is safe and no injuries have been reported. The pirates took the personal belongings of the crew, not the oil transferred by the ship between local ports.

The kidnappers haven’t yet asked for ransom, however the authorities believe that they will try to negotiate for the release of the two men, demanding money.

The phenomenon of Piracy against cargo and transport ships remains a significant issue, particularly in the waters between the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, off the Somali coast. It is estimated that worldwide losses reach 16 billion dollars per year.


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