Electronic Inventory For the Hellenism of Argentina


The Federation of Greek Communities in Argentina is working toward collecting an electronic inventory of the Greek population. The president of the Federation, Marios Panagopoulos stated, “if we know our exact population we will become stronger and closer to Greece.”

The initiative for collecting this inventory (which will be conducted for the first time) belongs to the board of the Federation. The inventory will be exclusively carried out through the website www. censogriego.com. Panagopoulos reported, that the Greeks of Argentina who are up to the fourth generation, are requested to provide information such as: the place they were born, the place they live and work, whether they have Greek citizenship and what they have studied.

The Greek president of the Federation Estimates that the collection of this data should last a year. He pointed out that it would be exclusively carried out through the website and expressed the hope that elderly, who are not familiar with the Internet, will be able to participate with the help of their younger relatives.

According to Panagopoulos, the website is looking for ways to expand the inventory in other countries of Latin America. He estimates that the Greeks living in Argentina amount to 50,000.


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