No Greeks Found Dead in Philippines

no-greeks-dead-at-philippinesAccording to reports from the Greek Ambassador of Manila, Agelos Tsaousidis, there are no Greeks among the 10,000 victims that resulted from typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

According to Mr. Tsaousidis, the Philippines are the permanent residence for 120 Greeks who work in navigation and in commerce. He said that “the typhoon has not slammed into Manila and other touristic regions. There are no Greeks in regions that are now suffering from the storm.” However, he said, it is a “major disaster.”

Ilias Sourdis, a resident of Manila stated that he estimates that the number of dead may be over 10,000. “I was in Malaysia and I came back only a few days before the storm hit the Philippines. In Manila, where I live, we have no problems, but the country has suffered from an incredible disaster. Mr. Sourdis lives in the Philippines over 30 years and is working in commerce with his Australian partners.

In the meantime, a Greek is the head of a big mission of Australian doctors and nurses, who were sent to the Philippines with 20 tons of medicine in order to offer medical assistance to the victims of the typhoon.

Len Notaras, is the head of the big nursing center of Darwin “National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre.” “I believe that our mission will offer medical attention to over 3,000 victims in the next 15 days,” said Mr. Notaras.

The Greek expatriate doctor became globally known in 2002, after the bomb attack in Bali where more than 200 people died and hundreds were injured. Furthermore, he is the man who kept the president of eastern Timor, José Ramos Horta alive, after he was seriously injured by a bullet wound.


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