Greece Embassy Opens Lagos Liaison Office

Greece Embassy Opens LagosIndividuals and organisations in Lagos and its environs, who pursue different concerns with Greece and its nationals, have been boosted by the official opening of the embassy’s new liaison office at Oyingbo Sunday.
At the opening of the office, which is on the seventh floor of A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Plc Building, Iddo House, Oyingbo, Lagos, were the Greece Ambassador to Nigeria, Alekos Oikonomopoulos, Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Gianniris Alexander, and the Honorary Consular General of Greece, Tolis Loizos, among others.
Explaining the opening of the office, Loizos said: “We are here today to inaugurate the Honorary Greek Consulate in Lagos. We used to have a consulate before but for a number of reasons, the central consulate office was transferred to Abuja together with the embassy.
“We found it necessary to have an office now in order to assist the public, hold business with our people and assist them in any matter concerning our affairs.
The Greece, who want their documents to be certified, confirmed or to make inquiries about events or activities or issues relating to Greece, and Nigerians who want visas to travel to Greece or in need of information can come here and get any information they want.”
Meanwhile, Bishop Alexander, who prayed before declaring the office opened, quoted Thessalonians 3:6 in admonishing the people.
(source: ngrguardiannews)


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