Greek Culture Introduced to China

Greek Culture Introduced to ChinaThe dance group of the Research Academy in Traditional Dances of Elassona, traveled to China, for the Tourism Festivals that took place in Shanghai and Liuyang, and presented famous Greek folk dances to a Chinese audience.

The Greek mission consisted of 48 dancers, musicians and members of the Academy with a goal to present different cultures and customs for many countries to participate in dance groups, bands, cheerleaders, drama groups, carnival chariots, artists and athletes.

“In Shanghai, we danced traditional dances from Macedonia, Thessaly, and Aegean islands. Sirtaki was warmly welcomed during a grandiose parade and exciting the attendees” said Konstantinos Kafasis, member of the Academy.

The events were organized by the Government of Shanghai and the Municipal-Economic Committee of Liuyang. Among the countries that took part in the Festivals were: Australia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Macau, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mali, Nigeria, Spain, France, Mongolia and Thailand.

“For the first time in my 35 year career I see so many people, an enthusiastic and active public and such a positive response from local people,” said the former dance teacher of the Academy John Kokkinos.

The Greek mission during its stay was introduced to Chinese culture, visiting museums, famous monuments, and even pearl processing factories.


  1. As if Greece can afford to spend money in communist China (and this adventure sounds like a total, absolute waste of money and time for all of the countries involved).


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