North Pole Welcomes the Olympic Flame

sochi_nort pole_The Olympic Flame for the first time in history, arrived in the northern part of the world. The North Pole welcomed the flame and torch lighting ceremony of the Olympic Cup. The flame was carried by a nuclear-powered icebreaker into a special lamp.

The Olympic torch relay for “Sochi 2014” is the longest and most extensive in Winter Olympic Games history. It will take place in 83 regions of the country with the participation of 14,000 torchbearers and 30,000 attendants. The Olympic torch procession started on October 7 and will end on February 7.

The extensive publicity and advertising for the Winter Olympic Games is aimed to make the public forget recent jokes made in the last month. On October 7, the flame extinguished shortly after the welcoming ceremony in Russia’s Red Square while the Torchbearer was running. An unknown man ignited the Flame with just a lighter, instead of waiting for the kept Flames from the Lighting Ceremony in Ancient Olympia.

The next day, the flame burnt out for a second time! The accident occurred while the runner was on the opposite side of Kremlin. In this case, the prescribed procedures were followed and a backup flame is always available just in case.

On October 23, the flame almost put a torchbearer’s life in danger, luckily the flame caused a minor hand burn.


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