New Museum Exhibits Greek and Mayan Architecture


DuPage Children’s Museum is expected to present an exhibition featuring science, technology, engineering, art and mathematical principles of architecture. Children will experience innovative building styles, construction techniques, common decorative elements, and the cultural attributes of Greek and Mayan monuments.  They will be using interactive methods and specially designed public programs, while becoming familiar with fundamental principles that helped shape modern day architecture.

The exhibit will present two historic cultures through the architecture and engineering of their monumental spaces. In collaboration with the National Hellenic Museum and the National Museum of Mexican Art, DCM museum has prepared a great exhibition, which will focus on the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis in Athens, along with the Mayan structures at Chichen Itza in the jungles of southeastern Mexico.

DuPage Children’s Museum’s mission is to stimulate curiosity, creativity, thinking and problem solving in young children through self-directed, open-minded experiences, integration of the arts, science and math, and the child-adult learning partnership.

DuPage Children’s Museum has three floors which hold interactive exhibits, events, meetings, party or program rooms and Learning Laboratories.


  1. This Government is FINISHED after Venizelos’ bogus Submarine deal gets out..

    READ Kathimerini New today– Ha, what a joke PASOK is..!

    “Submarine Deal takes toll on Unity of Coalition”
    Kathimerini News – , Friday October 18, 2013 (20:40)

    In a row that could cause a rift in the governing coalition, Deputy Prime
    Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Friday accused Defense Minister Dimitris
    Avramopoulos of failing to protect him during a parliamentary discussion
    Thursday on a controversial submarine deal signed in 2010 when the former was
    defense minister in a PASOK government.

    According to the deal, signed between the then Socialist government and Abu
    Dhabi Mar, the shipbuilding company would take over the shipyards and construct
    submarines there, but Skaramangas has remained idle due to a row over state

    The main leftist opposition SYRIZA party threatened to demand a parliamentary
    inquiry into the affair. Avramopoulos responded that the government was not
    worried about the prospect since it was not related to the case. An inquiry
    would need support from at least 120 deputies.

    PASOK sources say Venizelos, who is also PASOK chief, was irked by
    Avramopoulos’s stance as he had thoroughly briefed the conservative minister on
    the case ahead of the showdown with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

    A letter sent to Avramopoulos that was leaked to the press on Friday
    contained information that could allegedly be used to rebuff SYRIZA’s attacks.
    The same letter slammed Tsipras’s question as “vulgar, defamatory and


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