All Roads Lead to Dubai for Greek Artists


The economic crisis that has been plaguing Greece for a long time has led many Greeks to seriously think fleeing abroad in order to find job and have a chance for a better life.

However, few are those who consider taking such a step and even fewer those who succeed in making this move.

According to the newspaper Espresso, Greek artists seem to have more chances of a successful career abroad, and the destination of many of them is no other than Dubai.

Greek celebrities are well represented in Dubai and many of them think that the United Arab Emirates and mainly Dubai is paradise at this difficult time for Greece.

The singers Shaya and Stefania Rizou have already packed their luggage as they have signed with a big club of the city in which they will present their work.

The director Megaklis Vindiadis has been living in Dubai since the beginning of 2013, as he found a job there. “I am a freelancer, I make video-clips and direct concerts, Here no money, there much money,” he said leaving the country.

Top model Ioanna Papadimitriou, ex-wife of the footballer Christos Kostis, also lives in Dubai, working at a VIP club for ping pong players.

In Dubai there are many job opportunities for artists, as there are many clubs and bars in the center of the city while many of them are located in luxurious hotels.

The agents of the region seek cooperation with well-known artists, who mainly sing in English and not in Greek, as Dubai is an attraction for people from every part of the world.


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