Greek Films Show in Malaysia Festival

politiki_koyzinaIn the framework of the 14th European Union Film Festival (EUFF) that will take place in Malaysia in November and December, two Greek films will be projected for the first time.

After a proposition by the Greek community in Kuala Lumpur, the Greek films A touch of spice (Politiki kouzina) by Tassos Boulmetis and The Grocer (O Manavis) by Dimitris Koutsabasiakos will be projected during the festival.

The 14th EUFF will be held in three cities of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on November 6-17, Penang on November 20-27 and Kota Kinabalu on December 4-11.

EUFF is an annual event that showcases a collection of films which draw on the creative and outstanding talents of European filmmakers. The Festival aims to share Europe’s diverse culture, history and identity with audiences of all walks of life, according to the EUFF official website.


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