Greece Ranks 17th in Wine Exports to China

4a0ed5601da8962ecf054f1b1eb97de9_LChina has one of the most dynamic wine markets and now ranks among the five largest worldwide. It is expected that the Chinese market will eventually be established as the largest wine market in the world.  It is also obvious that Greek wine can improve its place in the Chinese market, both in absolute numbers and market share.

The above estimates have been indicated in a market research on wine in China, conducted by the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Beijing.

According to the survey, more than 70 countries are currently making wine exports to China. However, only a few countries enjoy a market share of more than 2%, with France (53%) taking the lead, then followed by Australia, Chile, Spain, Italy, the USA, New Zealand and South Africa. Greece occupies the 17th place with wine exports of 491,946 liters, valued at $ 2,224,536.

Moreover, in comparison to 2011,  a significant decrease has been recorded in Greek wines’ sales (-22%), which has been therefore balanced by a 29% rise in the average price.


  1. The Chinese have taken to wine. They see wine drinking as a sign of success. An excellent market for Greece to go after as the Chinese are respectful of fellow ancient cultures.


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