Egypt: Protesters Torch Christian Church

Egypt_taraxesTurbulence and violent conflicts are plaguing Egypt after the gory breaking down of the demonstrations made by Morsi’s supporters. According to information, there are hundreds of dead protestors, though the Minister of Health has announced 95.

Egypt’s Presidency has declared the country in a state of emergency as of the afternoon of August 14.

Christian churches were torched by Mohamed’s supporters in Minya, where eight people were killed during the conflicts with the Egyptian police forces. The conflicts erupted after protesters attempted to attack a police station. Islamists also torched a Coptic Church in Sohag city in central Egypt, in retaliation for the breaking down of the demonstrations in Cairo.

Demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at the church of St. George in Sohag, where there is a populous Christian community. Copts, representing 6% – 10% of the population, participated in the movement that led to the ouster of President Morsi.