Gerontopoulos: No Problem for Greek Diaspora in Egypt

gerontopoulos“Until the present moment, absolutely no problems have been reported in the Greek Diaspora in Egypt,”was  pointed out by Akis Gerontopoulos, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and responsible for Hellenes Abroad.

“The developments in Egypt run every moment, but I repeat, until now no problem has been reported for the Greek Diaspora,” he noted.

When asked if Greece’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs is monitoring closely the developments in Egypt, Gerontopoulos said, “The developments are being watched closely by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who also has the responsibility of foreign policy,” he answered.

Gerontopoulos concluded: “We are trying to be in constant contact with the Greek Diaspora and absolutely no problem has been reported.”


  1. No problem in the short term but over 200 years ago Copts, Greeks and other Christians were almost half the population of Egypt. Today they are probably less than 10 if that.


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